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Asset Management


CBT Client Services Group (CSG) offers a variety of customized programs to provide your organization with solutions to the challenges facing your business. CBT understand that you need a partner that can help you maximize your profitability, prevent unexpected costs, and improve your plant’s efficiency. CBT has the right items and more importantly the dedicated experts with the technical knowledge to solve your issues. CBT strives to be recognized as your best business partner with our solutions on demand.

CBT offers a variety of programs and services that help you minimize your capital outlay and make your invested assets work. CBT’s asset management solutions maximize your profitability without compromising your plant performance. We develop a tailored Rockwell Automation Parts Management Agreement (PMA) to ensure the availability of your spares parts and stabilize your maintenance budget. Inventory will be stocked at your site but owned by Rockwell Automation.

Step 1: Evaluate – The first step in cost reduction is an assessment of your current process for MRO inventory management and maintenance needs. IT is also vital to assess your installed base of automation equipment and spares inventory.

Step 2: Design – Identify process efficiencies and areas to improve inventory and production issues, which may include:

  • Storeroom management redesign
  • MRO process management redesign
  • Reporting and dashboard creation
  • Inventory rationalization and reduction
  • Equipment migration prioritization
  • Preventive maintenance prioritization

Step 3:  Implement – Implement ROI-driven processes that will improve productivity, lower costs and enable financial predictability.

Step 4:  Measure & Optimize – Use measurement and dashboard reporting tools to drive continuous improvement, helping you meet business goals such as improved regulatory compliance, faster time to market and reduced production costs.

Parts Management Agreement (PMA)

A PMA reviews your installed base of components and develops a list of the correct parts you need in your storeroom. The inventory is owned by Rockwell Automation but stocked at your location. For a monthly fee, you have the protection you need without spending a large portion of your capital budget for on-hand inventory. Additionally, you receive a more robust warranty, pay a reduced price for a replacement, and never have to worry about being burdened with obsolete items.

Inventory Assurance

How often do you find expensive electrical and automation components sitting on your shelf with an opened box, no box, or a thick layer of dust? Are these items still fully reliable and safe to use? CBT and Rockwell Automation have an Inventory Assurance program which can answer these questions for you and provide you peace of mind. Some standard services include:

  • Comprehensive inspection testing
  • Pass/Fail testing caused by:
    • Broken seals
    • Environmental exposure
    • Extended shelf life
    • Out-of-date firmware
MRO Process Management

CBT and Rockwell Automation provide an on-site Asset Management Professional to help your team manage your spare parts inventory, simplify your repair and warranty transactions, and drive cost savings to keep your production processes running smoothly.

  • 1-year in-service warranty
  • Consolidated asset reports
  • Reliability reporting to document repair
    failure trends and drive corrective actions
  • Manage obsolescence
  • Identify opportunities for standardization
  • Improve maintenance decisions
Reliability Assessments

A Plant Reliability Assessment analyzes your maintenance and reliability operations to identify solutions for critical maintenance issues. This assessment compares your plant to world-class, reliability-centered business and provides a road map to maintenance operations excellence. This assessment provides you with your facility’s results in several categories, including:

  • Reliability Date
  • Maintenance and Reliability Strategies
  • Failure Mode Analytics
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Reliability Resources and Culture

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