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5 Steps to Secure your Network Infrastructure

Published: Aug 4 2021


With cyber security and plant floor network performance at the forefront of manufacturing, CBT Company has developed a proven process for delivering a secure, robust network that is positioned for future expansion.   

We focus on our customers’ needs and overcoming the following issues: 

  • Loss of Data 

  • Manufacturing downtime due to network issues 

  • Incompatible networks 

  • Duplicate IP address 

  • DNS problems 

  • Hardware that is unable to connect to the network 

  • Slow network performance 

  • Cyber attacks 


The CBT engineering staff works closely with your team to fully understand your needs. Together we will develop a comprehensive strategy to streamline the process while minimizing downtime.  

Working collaboratively with your team to address all areas of concern is the first, yet most critical, step in delivering a successful project. CBT’s Engineers and Technicians will not start a project until both parties fully understand the current condition of the plant and the desired outcome of the project. 


Proper planning is crucial to the success of any network project. Our team of networking specialists will work with you to develop a step-by-step project plan that will meet your networking needs and provide you with a reliable and secure network infrastructure. The project plan will maximize networking availability while we are working on your system. 


When designing a new network or updating an existing system, CBT’s network engineers will always keep your future information and expansion needs in mind.  

The goal during this stage of the project is to minimize system rework and reduce downtime during the implementation stage of the project.  We will design to industry standards, while providing you with a system that optimizes performance and reliability. 


CBT has made it a priority to develop in-house skills to work alongside an experienced partner network, enabling us to provide the highest quality industrial networks to your plant floor.  Our engineering team can handle everything from simple troubleshooting to project managing turnkey projects. 


We understand how complex it can be to manage and secure a plant floor network on top of managing other business priorities. CBT’s network professionals are trained to deal with the unique demands of the plant floor environment. We will support everything from plant floor data monitoring to cybersecurity risks that may leave your system exposed to malware & Viruses. 


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