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Secure Your IT/OT Network with Rockwell Automation’s Ethernet Switch Package

Published: Jun 30 2021



The Rockwell Automation Stratix® 5800 managed industrial Ethernet switch offers gigabit performance in a flexible package. It comes in both fixed and modular designs supporting a wide variety of copper, fiber, and PoE expansion modules and is available with Layer 2 switching or Layer 3 routing firmware options to meet a diverse range of application needs. 

When used as a Layer 2 switch, the Stratix 5800 is ideal where high-performance end devices are located. When used as a Layer 3 switch, routing is enabled between segmented networks for better performance and protection from unwanted network traffic. Segmenting the network helps to ease changes that simplify security management by building domains of trust and increasing efficiency. 


The Stratix 5800 includes a robust set of switching, routing, and security features to support a wide range of architectures and uses the Cisco IOS-XE operating system for optimized compatibility to the enterprise environment. 


Choosing a switch co-developed by Rockwell Automation and Cisco, allows your Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) professionals to leverage tools and technology that is familiar to them. By helping to provide optimized integration, you can experience easier commissioning and actionable diagnostics. 



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