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SEW Drive Systems for Light Load Conveyor Technology

ECDriveS® (Electronically Commutated Drive System) from CBT partner, SEW Eurodrive, combines the latest technology with innovative design to bring you the ideal drive system for your light load conveyor applications.

The roller drive features a brushless DC gearmotor that is optimized for lower power range conveyors in light load applications. It features simple system integration, installation, and startup. Flexible communication options include ethernet-based zone control or basic binary operation.


Overview of ECDriveS:

  • Available as a drive roller or standalone brushless DC gearmotor
  • Metric and imperial standard conveyor roller sizes
  • External commutation electronics with ethernet-based zone controls or simple binary control
  • Ethernet control version features integrated conveyor logistics for zero pressure accumulation and other decentralized positioning solutions
  • Integrated encoder provides precise material positioning
  • 250% overload capacity at 40 W S1 power rating
  • Rugged gear unit construction


Part 1: Efficiency


Part 2: Intelligence

Contact our industry-leading experts to learn more about ECDriveS® technology and how to implement the system in your facility.



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