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SolaHD Expands SVL Power Supply Family

Published: Jun 16 2021


SolaHD™ SVL DIN rail power supplies, by Emerson, are a mainstay in high volume applications such as automation, ATMs, vending machines, and life sciences. Now, they’ve begun a new chapter with the introduction of economical three-phase versions engineered for use in both ordinary and hazardous locations.  


The new SVL models deliver 24Vdc output in Class I, Division 2 (C1D2) hazardous locations with 5, 10, or 20 Amp output, equivalent to 120, 240, or 480 Watts, respectively. The C1D2 models provide a safe way to tap off of three-phase power in hazardous locations, where lighting systems, motors, pumps and other heavy-duty equipment are commonly found. In addition, a 40 Amp 960 Watt version is available for ordinary locations, assuring maximum design flexibility.   


Because machine availability is a fundamental business requirement, reliability is critical in the power supply converting the machine’s AC to DC power. Reliability is where SolaHD SVL power supplies truly shine, and the new SVL three-phase power supplies continue this tradition. They are perfect for equipment that needs protection from excess shock, vibration, or temperature to prevent production downtime. Convection cooling reduces the temperature of internal components without the need of a fan that may serve as a failure point. Power factor correction, along with overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit protection adds to their reliability and helps provide efficiency from 86 to 92 percent. A diagnostic LED located on the power supply visually indicates operational status from a distance.   


SolaHD SVL power supplies are cost-optimized alternatives to embedded open frame switchers. The clip-on DIN rail mounting capability provides quick, hassle-free installation. The universal 3-phase input voltage means the power supplies adapt to locally available power, and screw terminal connections make them exceptionally simple to wire.   

In addition to the three-phase models, SolaHD SVL power supplies are available in single-phase versions ranging from 15 to 480 Watts in 5, 12, 24 and 48 Volt combinations. All SVL power supply models meet UL 508 requirements for industrial control equipment and UL 60950 requirements for Information Technology Equipment and CE Low Voltage Directive standards for worldwide applications. 


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