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Water & Wastewater

Water &  Wastewater

CBT: A Leader in Automation for Municipal Water/Wastewater Projects

It is projected that the global water and wastewater market will see significant growth and demand in the years ahead, growing from $283.48 billion in 2021 to $465.23 billion by 2028. A collaboration between CBT and your company will provide water supply management solutions to combat any challenges that could arise within your water facility.

Our Specialists will achieve your company’s goals to reduce operational costsincrease throughputimprove safety, and reduce downtime. We have the expertise to assess your facility’s current systems, and create a strategic plan that will meet quality standards, as well as provide innovative solutions and supplies for your water treatment options.



Interruptions caused by downtime in water and wastewater facilities can be significant, especially for plants dealing with clean drinking water and utilities for wastewater treatment solutions. CBT Specialists, along with collaborative partners, will provide key solutions for water treatment installation through advanced cost-effective products to ensure durability in vital technology for your water and wastewater plant.



The strength of your water treatment plant lies within the strength of your equipment and technology. CBT carries a variety of high-quality products including controls, sensors, electrical supplies, and industrial lighting designed to withstand the harsh environments that exist in water and wastewater facilities. Whether starting with all-new equipment or completing an integration with existing automated water and wastewater systems, our experts have the ideal supplies and products for your facility.



Make sure the safety and security of your wastewater treatment facilities are shielded from threats of cybersecurity through cloud-based platforms and multi-layered networks. Control data through remote monitoring to reduce travel expenses, ensure uninterrupted performance, and maintain uncompromised security. The experts at CBT will establish a security plan specialized for your automated water and wastewater systems, keeping up-to-date treatment process regulations and challenges in mind.

Trusted Partners

Collaboration is the key to CBT and your company’s success. Our valued partnerships with some of the industry’s leading companies provide access to water plant products and related tools, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience for your company’s wastewater management solutions. CBT’s expertise in automationelectrical supplies, and networking are ideally suited for the vital nature of the water and wastewater industry.

Contact the experts at CBT Company today to bring the right water control solutions for your company.