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Product Feature: Schaeffler Bearing Mounting Safety Guidelines

There are certain processes that must be followed to ensure a bearing is successfully installed for optimal functionality and extended life. CBT partner, Schaeffler, covers the safety guidelines and preparatory procedures you should adhere to when installing a bearing in your application.



  1. All bearings must be stored in original packaging so they are protected against contamination and moisture.
  2. The work area must be clean, dry, and free from dust.
  3. The bearing fitter shouid familiarize himself with the design and document the heating temperature, the mounting and withdrawal forces, and the grease quantities required before starting the fitting process.
  4. All parts must be inspected to ensure the details on the equipment match the specifications on the drawing and parts lists.
  5. All bearings should be free from any defects - do not use defective products.
  6. Remove oil from all contact surfaces.
  7. Ensure all measurement devices and components are at the same temperature.
  8. Dimensional and geometrical accuracy of the parts for bearing arrangement must be checked precisely and noted in a measurement record - this will make it easier to identify potential problems and reduce the likelihood of premature failure.


Reach out to your CBT specialist for more guidance on roller bearing installation and safety procedures.

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