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CBT: Your Leading Robotic Process Automation Company

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CBT: Your Leading Robotic Process Automation Company

The future is robotic – and we’re embracing it.

CBT has partnered with the industry’s top RPA companies to provide you with a comprehensive industrial robotics product and service offering. Our team of highly skilled Engineers and Support Specialists can work with you to design, implement, and maintain a robotic system specific to your application. Machine learning robotic devices can improve processes and decrease employee workload.


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Increase Productivity

Automation solutions free employees from manual and repetitive tasks to focus on strategy and innovation. It also reduces error and increases efficiency,while remaining in compliance with job performance.

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Improve Safety

Industrial robotic solutions can operate in harsh environments, preventing reventing injury or other adverse health effects to humans. The RPA tools can handle a large weight load while still having lightweight arms.

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Increase Throughput

Smart robots with real-time data reporting and analytics allow you to gain insight and monitor production remotely and make adjustments on the fly. These improved business processes allow the digital workforce to produce larger capabilities and ROI.


Reduce Operating Costs

Long term cost-savings through predictive maintenance drastically outweigh the up-front costs of successful robotic systems. As the market leader, CBT understands the logistics of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to provide the best RPA solution for your company.

TechMan Robot ™

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  • Industrial cobot offerings work alongside your employees.
  • Built-in vision system integrates into both the hardware and software of the machine.
  • Painless programming achieved through TMflow ™ – an innovative, flow-based editing software that eliminates the need for coding knowledge or low-code.
  • The robots are programmed to stop immediately when too close to another object, to ensure safety in the operating space.
  • A multitude of axis, reach, and payload make TechMan’s cobot an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Codian Robotics

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  • Ideal for a pick & place application.
  • Highly customizable RPA vendor and will work with your needs.
  • Proven success in:
    • Food and Beverage
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Packaging
    • Electronics
    • Agriculture

DENSO Robotics

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  • DENSO offers a stand-alone robot that does what a human employee cannot – these digital workers are larger, can handle a higher payload, and function in a safety cell with no human interaction.
  • DENSO robots run trouble-free with minimal scheduled maintenance.
  • Lower operating costs are achieved through energy-efficient motors and lightweight robot arms.
  • Plant-floor integration is simplified with a space-saving robot design and internally routed electrical wires.

Finding the right RPA platform for your company may seem like a daunting task. That’s why CBT is here to help. Through end-to-end automation, feel up the workload of your employees and increase productivity.

According to Business Insider, Amazon’s cobots save the company as much as $22 million every time they are added to a newly opened warehouse. The adoption and implementation of industrial robotic process solutions will be essential for manufacturing companies to keep up with increasing demand over the years to come. Don’t get left behind and utilize one of the top RPA vendors today!