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Sanitation Tech Tip: Eliminating Flats

Salmonella and bacteria outbreaks have been seen more often in the news. These types of violations are a monumental cost for food manufacturers and can have serious repercussions on consumers. The USDA estimates that salmonella and E. coli cost the nation $3.13 billion a year.

This is the second installment in our Sanitation Tech Tip series with CBT Sanitation Specialist, Larry Hecker providing advice, recommendations, and guidance for a more hygienic & compliant plant floor.

Bacteria in Flat Areas

Eliminating flat areas on machinery is crucial for safety compliance. Square tubing, the tops of square enclosures, and other flat spots on the machinery provides areas for water to accumulate. Bacteria needs this water to grow and multiply, but by eliminating these flat areas you will mitigate these bacterial risks.

If you are purchasing or designing a new piece of equipment it is important to look for ways to design out these flat areas that could cost you in the long run. Square tubing can be easily replaced with round tubing. If square tubing is needed try tilting it to a diamond shape so that water runs off. Any sheet metal being used should be sloped to allow for drainage runoff. These are just a few simple tricks Larry recommends as you begin to address the flat spots in your plant floor.


CBT has a number of products that can help you modify existing equipment or incorporate into the design of new equipment and eliminate flat areas. Our partner Hoffman has washdown rated enclosures with sloped tops that prevent pooling water after washdown. With three levels of protection, Hoffman has what you need to protect electronics on the plant floor during washdown.

Hubbell's Circuit-Lock Sloped Top stainless steel disconnects takes sanitary design to the next level. IP69K rated, these units can withstand the harshest environments.

Dodge offers stainless steel gearmotors with rounded housings that help water drain away. The Ultra Kleen Quantis reducer is IP69K rated and is designed not to harbor water. With a standard 3-year warranty, you know it’s built to last.


Please contact your CBT account manager or specialist for more information on plant sanitation and hygienic design.

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