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ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Get Smart - Making Data Work For You



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According to IndustryWeek magazine, handling data is one of the top 5 challenges that deter companies from fully adopting the idea of a smart factory.  While you know that applying technology can help you predict downtime and avoid potential machine malfunctions, it is difficult to understand how to start implementing this process and how to use the data that is generated. David laid the groundwork for this process in Get Smart: Making Machines Work for You, now he's joined by Jeff Waters and Dave Jennings to talk about the power of data.

Join David Rauch and crew as they lead us on this second webinar in our OEM-focused Smart Manufacturing series that will get you on the right track to reaching data-driven solutions from your smart machines.




David Rauch | Rockwell Automation, Business Lead, Components

David Rauch joined Rockwell Automation as the component business lead for Ohio in 2020. Prior to Rockwell, he worked at Babcock and Wilcox (DPII OEM division) as the Control Department Manager and product line manager for 16 years. In this role, David oversaw departments nationally and internationally, including locations in China and Canada.

An industry expert with 34 years of experience, David has worked in various OEM industries, including power generation, oil refinery, automotive glass, and food industries. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and specializes in machine design, automation, and control systems with a focus on intelligent systems.

David serves on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). He is also an active member of his community, serving on the board of directors for Geneva Hills Camp for Children, a board member for Tour de Cause, and the Fairfield County United Way's income council.


Jeffrey Waters | Rockwell Automation, Solutions Consultant

Jeff Waters is a Solution Consultant for Rockwell Automation, focusing on Smart Machine Design and Industry 4.0 solutions. His concentration is on working with OEM and Machine Builders to address industry challenges and manufacturing hurdles through Smart Machine Design Concepts and Digital Tools. He is based out of Twinsburg, OH, and covers the East Region.

He has been with Rockwell Automation for 5 years, starting in our Field Service organization before moving into the Solution Consultant Role.  He has a broad background of technical and application expertise utilizing the FactoryTalk software offerings. Through these roles, he has worked in a majority of industry verticals, with some focused areas centered on Manufacturing & Assembly, Packaging, and Tire & Rubber.


Dave Jennings | CBT Company, Controls System Engineer

Dave began his career in the US Navy, where he serves as a nuclear-trained mechanical operator. After his service in the Navy, Dave became a licensed third-class stationary engineer and completed his engineering degree while also pursuing a Professional Engineer's license in Control Systems. Dave received his master's degree in information systems, which led to his subsequent certifications in Information Systems and Cybersecurity Auditing. Dave has been part of the CBT family for 14 years, specializing in information systems designed around OT or industrial networks.