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2018 Arc Flash Training

Picture for category 2018 Arc Flash Training

Join CBT for a comprehensive arc flash training session covering all you need to know surrounding NFPA 70E, PPE, electrical hazards, and more.

OSHA Safe + Sound Week

Picture for category OSHA Safe + Sound Week

A safe workplace is a sound business. A successful safety and health program can proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illnesses, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run. CBT is your solution for all your safety needs.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Power Costs in Your Plant

Picture for category Increase Efficiency and Cut Power Costs in Your Plant

Power is a dynamic aspect in production and automation. Companies lose billions of dollars every year due to voltage sage and power outages. Conditioning your incoming power keeps productivity high and costs down. Using compatible power conversion components from CBT partner, Sola HD, ensures your system reliability.

Proper Use of Loctite® Threadlocker

Picture for category Proper Use of Loctite® Threadlocker

CBT partner Henkel has some of the most well-known industrial adhesives on the market. Loctite® adhesives get where the human eye can't - with the average class 2 bolt only having about 15% of actual metal engagement. 

Your Complete Guide to Essential Components

Picture for category Your Complete Guide to Essential Components

CBT offers you quality Allen-Bradley® essential components with 110 years of time-tested quality and durability. This catalog is your initial guide to selecting the best components to meet your specific application requirements.

Rockwell Automation GuardLink™ Technology

Picture for category Rockwell Automation GuardLink™ Technology

CBT Safety Specialist, Jeremy Watkins, demonstrates the innovative GuardLink™ Technology from our partner Allen Bradley. This technology takes safety and efficiency in your plant to the next level with seamless communication and reliable automation.

Product Feature: Panduit Verisafe™

Picture for category Product Feature: Panduit Verisafe™

When servicing electrical equipment, workers must comply with safety regulations what require a voltage verification test to validate the absence of voltage. This process includes a number of stages that can be complex and time-consuming when using hand-held portable test instruments. The VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester from CBT partner Panduit simplifies this process by automating the voltage verification process.

Case Study: HVAC System Operation

Picture for category Case Study: HVAC System Operation

CBT partner Gates Corporation saved one company thousands per year when they upgraded their outdated v-belt operations to higher efficiency synchronous belts.